Lifeguard 7"

by Witch Gardens

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released October 1, 2011



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Witch Gardens Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Lifeguard
someone's in the water
i won't let him drown

i'm not going far
standing here on guard
got to jump right in
tell him that you care about him

sit by the pool all day
watching the people play
now summer's gone away
Track Name: Dime Eyes
wake up, it's time to go out
can't you see the light is fading to night?
so open your eyes
think that i'll take a pill
so i can stop caring
about the weight of the world
on my shoulders i'm carrying

i woke up with dimes on my eyes
i guess i've seen better days
i'll just fall asleep next to a stranger

eyelids start to close
you're only sleeping
i got so high and out of my mind
can someone send a life line?
because i'm clearly drowning
or maybe i'm just dreaming of a foreign county
where a boy is drawing a map of a river
how cold is the water?
Is summer over?